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Reach For The Stars

CFHS Rocket Club

What do we do?

The CFHS Rocket Club is dedicated to teaching and learning alike. We work as a team to compete with and against other schools and universities to expand our knowledge of Rocket Flight.


The CFHS Rocket Club is working on a collaborative project with NASA through the NASA Student Launch Initiative.  The team most recently designed, built, and flew a high-power rocket that houses three GoPro cameras! Learn more about this project on the Project Page!

TARC stands for The American Rocketry Challenge.  This year, the CFHS Rocket Club has entered two teams in the world's largest rocketry contest, and one qualified for the national fly-off!  More than 800 teams compete annually to launch raw eggs upwards of 800 ft in the air and try to land them safely.  Learn more about the TARC contest on the Team America Rocketry Challenge website.

The CFHS Rocket Club is dedicated to promoting STEM to our community.  Our members have engaged hundreds of students and adults through a variety of outreach and engagement activities every year.  You can learn about our recent outreach events on our Instagram and Twitter page!

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Every year the students of CFHS Rocket Club must tackle the challenge of raising more than $15,000 in order to design, build, and fly their rockets as well as travel to Washington, D.C. and Huntsville, Alabama.  Learn more about how you can help us achieve our fundraising goal for this year by visiting out Funding Page!

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